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Manila Economic and Cultural Office
Philippine Representative Office in Taiwan

(1) This online application for travel to the Philippines is only for holders of Taiwan passports with a validity period of six (6) months beyond the intended stay in the Philippines.
(2) All fields must be accurately filled out in English unless otherwise stated.
(3) Each applicant will be assigned a Unique Identification (UID). In case of application for several individuals, one UID will be assigned to the primary applicant. In this case, payment should be made for the entire amount under the UID. All unpaid and unfinished applications will be deleted seven (7) days after initial entry of data.
(4) Check all entries before submitting the application for payment. Holder of the travel authorization may be refused entry into the Philippines in case of discrepancy between the passport data and the authorization based on entries supplied by the applicant.
(5) All notices will be sent to the email address provided by the primary applicant. This cannot be changed after payment has been made.
(6) Applications will be acted upon within two (2) working days after submission and payment. Notification of the action taken on the application shall be sent thru email. Application status can be checked online by logging in using the Unique Identification (UID) and password. To avoid delays, please submit and pay for the application ahead of time.
旅遊許可在提交及繳費後,作業時間為兩個工作天。申請進度將會以電子郵件通知或可用系統登入碼及密碼至線上查詢。避免耽誤行程, 請申請人提前申請並支付費用。
(7) Approved travel authorization should be printed on a clean A4 paper. Each applicant’s authorization must be printed on a separate sheet of paper.
(8) The applicant must present to Philippine Immigration official at the port of entry and exit the Taiwan passport, travel authorization and a confirmed return ticket to Taiwan or forward ticket to a third-country destination from Philippines with a valid visa, as the case may be, with a departure date before the expiration of the allowed period of stay.
(9) The authorization does not guarantee automatic entry into the Philippines. Philippine immigration officials may still refuse the holder’s admission, if, upon inspection at the port of entry, the holder is found to be in violation of Philippine immigration laws, rules and regulations governing visitors or his/her entry into the country poses danger to the health, safety, and morals of the inhabitants.
(10) Issued travel authorization provides the validity period of the authorization from date of issuance and allowable period of stay upon entering the Philippines.
(11) Applicants travelling with minor 15 years old and below should apply for visa sticker.
(12) Online processing fee will not be refunded under any circumstance. Please double check your application before proceeding to payment.
均不退費 。提交申請表前,請檢查所有填寫之資料。